Inspired by the douceur de vivre of Gascony, Monsieur Le Duck brings the food and wine of South-West France to the heart of London.

The brainchild of three frequent travellers to Gascony, Monsieur Le Duck provides a portal to the French heartland of relaxed eating and drinking.

Douceur de vivre is a phrase synonymous with South-West France.  This “sweetness of living”  describes a mellow, leisurely, rustic life-style,  of long lunches in friendly restaurants on medieval town squares, where tractors park up and where musketeers once roamed.  Bonhommie, carafes of local wine, Armagnac, and duck, lots of duck.  We love it.  The people of Gascony live far longer than the French (or British) average.  Their local cuisine, although rich, may contribute to this longevity: like olive oil, duck is rich in monounsaturated fat.  It also contains abundant minerals.  And the wine?  Everyone knows that red wine is good for you….right?

 For some time, we have thought about bringing a small piece of Gascony back home, so more people can enjoy this douceur de vivre .  So we are proud to open the doors of Monsieur Le Duck, right in the heart of London.  We are no frills and authentic and reasonably-priced. No balsamic reductions, no pea shoots, no nasturtiums, no smears of emulsion across the plate, just duck and frites, with salad, French bread, puddings, sides of fresh vegetables, Gascon wine and, if you so wish, a slug of  France’s oldest brandy, Armagnac

 Alors, bon appétit et salut! 

4 Brushfield Street

London, E1 6AN 

Mon-Sun: 12-11

We take reservations for groups of 6 or more only. Please email us for availability.